Hi there!

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tara Mulya, people also called me “Tara”. I’m INFJ-T and Ambivert personalities.

So, this is a little bit about my journey as SEO…

I started my career as a Content Writer intern at Think Digital Creative House and started to manage my time management because I’m half-student and half-worker. After my internship, I got a new job as an SEO Specialist at Datamaya Consulting and learned more about Search Engine Optimization especially about SEO On Page, SEO Off Page, SEO Tools, and many more.

After more than 2 years at Datamaya Consulting as an SEO Specialist, I moved from Datamaya Consulting and I have joined ToffeeDev as an SEO Specialist. After 1 year at ToffeeDev, I got a new promotion as SEO Lead and then Head of SEO at ToffeeDev after graduated as a Bachelor’s Degree at Mercu Buana University.

As Head of SEO and SEO Specialist at ToffeeDev, I still learning about SEO to gain more knowledge, managing a team, developing my leadership skills, and managing my time management between working and studying at the same time, because this year I decided to continue my studies to get Master’s Degree in Communications.

Let’s be friends or make a wonderful project with me!

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